About Us

Using the finest materials finished to the highest standards, INTORATO International has developed a vast range of shoes that provide a purposeful, visual statement. These beautiful products are available at astonishingly low prices, often costing less than a quarter of the recommended price.

You may ask how we can offer such quality at such low prices? The answer is beautifully simple: we cut out the middleman. This means there are no retail overheads to pay and not the usual mark up to make which can be enormous on luxury shoes.

"There has never been a better time to buy that perfect shoes that you’ve always dreamed of!"

With a natural flair and ability for design born from a consuming passion for the world's most coveted and respected watchmakers, the founders of INTORATO have been creating exceptional shoes for over a decade.

"Over 1 million shoes world-wide throughout a distinguished career"

From elegant shoes and multi-function chronograph sport shoes to beautiful ceramic shoes and more, our designs have been offering the best level of quality that will last for years to come. Your range of choice at INTORATO is limited to just shoes. INTORATO is providing finest quality of shoes throughout the world
INTORATO has become the focal point for all direct sales activity within the US for these reasons:

  • We utilize the highest caliber movements from around the world, with countries including Switzerland, France and Japan.
  • Our products are constructed from the finest materials the world has to offer.
  • We offer a complete service from Sales to Customer Care.
  • Our order line is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.
  • We firmly believe in the traditional values of prompt, efficient and courteous service.
  • We offer 30-days money back guarantee.
  • We stand behind every watch we make.

At intorato we understand your need to look unique and different from others. This is the reason why we create visually appealing shoes to enhance your personality in front of others. There are many companies selling shoes but we have managed to beat the competition with our unique designs and patterns. It is no surprise then that most fashion-conscious individuals think of only us whenever they need beautiful and high-quality shoes. You know where to turn to when you need to make a fashion statement in front of your friends.

We would like to thank you for reading this foreword. Should you require any further information about any of our products, or perhaps wish to make an order, please do not hesitate to contact one of our Sales associates, who will be more than happy to assist you.