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Omega Gent's Oversized Dress Watch

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Product Details

Why We Love It

On a daily basis, we are inundated with requests for our suggestions on finding the "perfect" vintage dress watch. 

There are of course a multitude of possibilities when considering fine men's timepieces from the past century, but our criteria always remains consistent: A proper dress watch should be thin, unobtrusive, and feature a simple dial layout without unnecessary complication or clutter.

The "jumbo" Reference 2506-4 has it all, combining elegant looks with a redoubtable movement. This 38mm dress watch is all dial, featuring lovely steel feuille hands with applied Arabic indices.

Absolutely perfect.

The Story

While the Speedmaster remains perhaps Omega's most notable model, the brand produced beautiful dress watches throughout the late 1940s and 1950s. Many of these watches repurposed movements developed during World War II, such as the Calibre 30T2. Though the cases are thin, at 38mm they please the tastes of modern collectors, and are an enduring testament to the timelessness of these post-War wristwatches.

As Europe entered into the post-WW2 recovery period, the Swiss watch industry began its transition back to producing fine timepieces after years of fulfilling defense contracts. In keeping with the austere designs of the military watches of the 1940s, the clean lines and ornamentation of the Art Deco style faded away to a more utilitarian aesthetic inspired by military timepieces. This resulted in beautifully clean and understated watches to suit the tastes of returning G.I.’s.


Omega Gent's Oversized Dress Watch