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Breitling Premier Chronograph

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Product Details

Why We Love It

Before the big bold business of Breitling's pilot watches, they made a lot of very attractive, very elegant, all purpose chronographs.

This particular example is a Breitling Premier Reference 769 with a telephone track subregister. Harkening back to when watches were very much essential tools for everyday use, telephone tracks were used to clock the 3 minute intervals when a long distance or payphone call would require additional funds.

With even patination throughout the two register dial, this watch embodies something that we at A/S have always believed- there are few things as beautiful as mid-century chronographs. The fact that it is also presented in an elegant 36mm 18k yellow gold case only serves to elevate this already perfectly proportioned chronograph.

When you factor in the extremely reasonable price of such a well appointed piece, this watch becomes a complete no brainer.

The Story

We're all fairly familiar with Breitling's chronograph offerings. If asked, we can rattle off a list of them: Navitimer, Chronomat, Top Time, Superocean 2005, Datora. But that only scratches the surface of all the chronographs Breitling has to offer. There are numerous other chronographs Breitling has manufactured over their 132-year history. While they may not be as recognizable or iconic as those other chronos, their frank designs and sturdy construction merit consideration.

Breitling first started manufacturing the Premier line of chronographs as early as the 1930s. With triple chronograph registers and blued hands, they're an exercise in understated elegance. One could almost say they're dress watches. Sure, they're not as sporty (and not nearly as large) as the Navitimer, but just one look - whether at the luminous syringe hands and tachymetre track - will reveal that the Premier was always designed to be utilitarian.

Outwardly, the steel barrel case is pleasing to eye with its thin, stepped bezel and its gently tapered lugs and pleasing to the wrist at sturdy 36mm.  Breitling, ever the aviator's manufacture, designed these cases to be antimagnetic, shock-protective, and waterproof long before those traits were requisite features of a tool watch. Granted, you're probably not going to be wearing it in the cockpit of an airplane, but suffice it to say that Breitling was out to produce a tough-as-nails timepiece that could operate in any condition.

Breitling Premier Chronograph