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Hamilton Ventura 14k

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Product Details

Why We Love It

Hamilton was known partially for having extremely funky design language for some of their pieces. This bold design language is never more present than can be on the iconic Ventura. 

A glossy black dial, signed patent pending, lays within a stunning asymmetrical 14k Yellow Gold case. This particular piece dates to circa 1957 - the first year that Hamilton produced the Ventura. It's avant-garde case design was thought of by Richard Arbib, the legendary American Industrial designer, and later caught the eye of none other than Elvis Presley, who famously wore one in 1961's 'Blue Hawaii'. Even more special is the fact that this piece was a gift from General Electric to a loyal employee.

Whether gifted by a titan of American Industry, or worn by the King himself, the Hamilton Ventura is a pinnacle of American watchmaking history - And all for under $2k!

The Story

Hamilton is an inseparable strand of the tapestry of American horological history.  

The brand is perhaps best known to modern collectors for their historically significant tool watches: robust field watches issued to the U.S. military from the Vietnam War to the 1980s, bulky precision chronographs, or divers in EPSA SuperCompressor cases.

But during the Golden Age of American watchmaking, Hamilton was master of all trades, from railroad timers to dress watches fit for kings. Their catalogs from the 1930s and 1940s were filled with elegant and innovative watches that have all but faded to obscurity. 

Hamilton Ventura 14k