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Yema Superman

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Product Details

Why We Love It

During the 1960s when Rolex and Blancpain were dominating the dive market, Yema was gaining traction with a younger crowd. In 1963, the Superman was introduced. 

The 38.5mm steel case features a stunning blue sunburst dial, which changes shades depending on the lighting condition. Oversized crown guards give the piece a robust yet elegant diving aesthetic. Next to the crown is a bezel lock assembly to prevent the bezel from rotating. An oversized stylized handset filled with tritium allows for easy legibility. Warmly patinated luminous plots are even and intact. 

Fitted on our Atlantic blue Saffiano strap, this Yema Superman is ready to embark on a whole new set of adventures! 

The Story

Though Yema was minted in 1948, it garnered global attention in 1963 when it produced the Superman, a sleek and uniquely-attractive diver with a 300-meter depth rating.  Where Rolex and Blancpain were busy duking it out over professional divers, Yema took the tack of marketing to average wearer, using themes of sex and adventure in its ads to attract a younger, hipper following. 

By the late 1960s, Yema had conquered both land and sea with its very popular Yachtingraf and Rallygraf models, the latter sported by a young Mario Andretti on and off the race track.  In 1970, Yema became the supplier to the French Sailing Federation, and by 1988, it had launched three different models into space on the wrists of French astronauts.  As if that wasn’t enough, it supported two separate French expeditions to the North Pole, one a solo trek, the other an expedition via ultralight aircraft. 

While Yema’s design language rose and fell with the times — sometimes with less-than-favorable effects — its steadfast support of exploration and sport draw an intriguing parallel to Rolex and Omega, making this brand one that should not be overlooked. 

Yema Superman