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Omega Speedmaster Professional

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Product Details

Why We Love It

3… 2… 1… Liftoff!

Take a poll amongst wristwatch collectors, and we'd bet the consensus would be that there might be nothing more important or iconic in a watch collection than an Omega Speedmaster. 

Sure, chronographs such as the Rolex Daytona or the Heuer Carrera are classics - icons even, but neither can match the stature of the Speedy with regards to importance in history. In fact, arguably no watch can.

But when the Speedmaster you see here (a Reference 145.012) was made, it was the Surveyor program that captured the hearts and minds of the inhabitants of this "pale blue dot."

Dating to early 1968, this particular example, a Reference 145.012-67, is one of the last models to be fitted with the Calibre .321 column-wheel chronograph movement developed by Lemania. This movement is the stuff dreams are made of, and often come with much higher price tags. Fitted with the correct applied-logo dial and featuring a strong twisted-lug case, this piece further stands out with its genuine Omega 'Dot-Over-90' bezel. It has patina and wear in all of the right places, and character for days. 

This Speedy has everything you'd want from a legendary pre-moon model, but at a extremely more approachable price than others available - or the recently re-issued Cal 321 from Omega.

Don't say we never did nothin' for ya.

The Story 

With the passing of the 50th anniversary of the Moon Landing, focus is now on space-related ephemera. Major auction houses will no doubt hold sales of anything that an astronaut might have even breathed on. Now, with demand for those items soaring high, it might put a damper on anyone’s aspirations to own a piece of history.

But there is a piece of space history that anyone can own: The Omega Speedmaster.

Since 1965, this little machine has been issued to the crew of every manned space mission. Ed White, Buzz Aldrin, Jim Lovell—these are just a few heroes who strapped the Speedy to their wrists as they headed to the final frontier. As one of Omega’s longest-running models, the Speedmaster has seen variants as numerous as stars in the sky, from special editions honoring spaceflights to the simpler black-dialed “Moon Watch” that everyone knows and loves.

 The 145.012 was the last Speedmaster to use the famous caliber 321, and is one of the easiest ways to own the great column wheel chronograph movement built by Lemania. 

To make the story even more romantic this particular reference is exactly what was worn by Buzz Aldrin as he stepped after Neil Armstrong onto the dusty, rocky shores of our closest celestial body, the Moon. Though this particular Speedmaster shows signs of daily loving wear, it's the perfect daily companion. More than that, it's a close tie to the legendary days of humankind's first walk among the stars.



Omega Speedmaster Professional