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Seiko Diver

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Product Details

Why We Love It 

If we had to chose only one vintage Seiko diver, this would be it!

The 6309 series diver replaced Seiko's venerable 6105 in 1976 and remained in production for more than a decade. While similar to the 6105 in many ways, the 6309 departed from its predecessor's asymmetrical case design, instead utilizing a hefty 44mm symmetrical cushion or 'turtle' case. The 6309 also added a day function to the 6105's simple date window and a revamped dial with circular luminous plots instead of rectangular ones, unique bell-shaped markers at 6:00 and 9:00 and a double wide plot at 12:00. The 6309 also donned a thicker bi-directional bezel with two rings of knurling versus one, making it easier to grip and operate with gloves.

Like so many of our favorite watches, the 6105 got a boost from its forays into Hollywood. Worn by Martin Sheen in Apocalypse Now, the 6105 has reached cult status among many collectors groups. But this notoriety has also driven the watch into endangered waters making them nearly impossible to find in original unmolested condition at reasonable prices.

The 6309, on the other hand, has remained a solid bang-for-buck Seiko diver, and while genuine untouched examples are also hard to locate, it has not yet reached the unobtainium status of it's older brother, making it a more practical decision for the enterprising collector.

Still, sharp-eyed James Cameron fans might spot the 6309 on the wrist of Bud Brigman (Ed Harris) in the exquisite 1989 powerhouse film The Abyss.  (On a side note, if you haven't seen it, stop what you are doing and go watch it.  Now.  Seriously. You can thank us later.)

This particular example came to us from the wrist of a foreign service officer with years of experience in overseas postings. The watch features a strong case, phenomenal dial with untouched lume, and a nicely aged bezel with just the right amount of wear. It was just treated to a new crystal and strap and is ready to join its new owner on whatever adventures away.

The Seiko Story

 For over 135 years, Seiko has been cranking out innovative and impeccably engineered watches at every price point, from entry level Seiko 5s to world-class high horology pieces under the Grand Seiko brand. Underpinning Seiko's efforts has been the mass production of reliable and accurate movements capable of being paired with a wide array of case and dial configurations. 

Seiko is the piece we always go to when we go out into the field. Whether we're wearing it while hoofing it up a mountain, trudging through the wetlands in search of winged dinner, fishing for brownies or bonefish, or just getting it sandy at the beach, this piece serves a very important role as a timepiece that can take a beating while also giving us watch snobs something to wear that we can be truly proud of.

Seiko Diver