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Seiko Alpinist

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Product Details

Why We Love It

Seiko makes fantastic watches. Pure and simple.

From the rare as hen's teeth Hi-Beat 6159 to the film-famous 6105 and 6309 models to the economy workhorse SXK007, Japanese watchmakers perfected incredibly well-made tool watches decades ago - and at prices that make the most diehard Swiss watch fans question their spending habits.

The watch we have today is the Seiko Alpinist reference SARB017 from the Japanese Domestic Market, which casts an eye back to 1959 when the original Alpinist was released. Its steel case features dual crowns and is sporty and elegant all at once. The green dial has a subtle sunburst quality and inner rotating 'compass' bezel. Yes - you read that correctly - the inner rotating bezel can be used for navigation!

With JDM Seikos being highly sought after these days, this is a great opportunity to scoop up a contemporary classic loaded with story and functionality!

The Seiko Story

For over 135 years, Seiko has been cranking out innovative and impeccably engineered watches at every price point, from entry level Seiko 5s to world-class high horology pieces with Grand Seiko and Credor branding. Underpinning Seiko's efforts has been the mass production of reliable and accurate movements capable of being paired with a wide array of case and dial configurations. 

Seiko is the brand we always go with when we go out into the field. Whether we're wearing it while hoofing it up a mountain, trudging through the wetlands in search of winged dinner, fishing for brownies or bonefish, or just getting it sandy at the beach, an affordable and durable Seiko serves a very important role as a timepiece that can take a beating while also giving us watch snobs something to wear that we can be truly proud of.

Seiko Alpinist