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Hamilton 'L.L. Bean' Field

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Product Details

You can't get much more iconic than the General Issue, or "GI" style field wristwatch.

Produced under contract for the US Military since the 1960s, these simple watches were fashioned by a handful of American manufacturers for American servicemen. Many of these timepieces were used extensively - forged in the infernos by the heroes that wore them.

Due to the robust nature and clean lines, a demand was born in the civilian market, and brands such as Hamilton continued producing them through the 1980s for commercial sale under their "Khaki" collection with only minor changes from their General Issue counterparts.

This particular example was produced under contract for the legendary New England outfitter L.L. Bean of Freeport, Maine, and is essentially a civilian "continuation" of their historically military-minded collection. With added dial text and a simplified screw case back being the only major differentiators, this is the perfect watch for...well...just about everyone.

With an accessible price point, bombproof ETA Calibre 2750 manual-wind movement and spartan military styling that is always en vogue, these timekeepers are the perfect companions for everything from everyday wear, and with the added L.L. Bean provenance, this watch truly speaks to outdoors enthusiasts everywhere!

Hamilton 'L.L. Bean' Field