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Benrus 3021 Crosshair

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Product Details

We’ve joined forces with our friends at 10:25 Vintage, a New York-based operation with a shared enthusiasm for interesting vintage timepieces, to bring you a robust handpicked collection that is both exceptional and affordable. Perfect for the discerning collector on a budget, these pieces provide an excellent entry point to the joys of vintage watches.

The Benrus Watch Company, founded in New York City in 1921, has long been linked to its war-time watches that were produced for the U.S. government during both WWII and Vietnam. With large assembly efforts in the U.S., including a case factory in Waterbury, CT, Benrus was an honest-to-goodness American watch company, 2nd only to Hamilton during this time period.

It's safe to say that their civilian and military efforts were very much intertwined, and pieces like this help us connect the dots between the two. Dating to the late 1950’s, this piece is housed in a 34mm Series 3021 one-piece stainless steel case, the very same case used for the well-known pilot watches of the Vietnam era.

While the military versions had a corrosion-resistant matte gray finish and lacked any brand markings, this civilian version proudly features the Benrus name and beautiful brushed and polished surfaces all around. Inside, the Benrus DR2-F1 movement is a close cousin of those found in the military watches as well, lacking only a hacking mechanism.

Despite Benrus’s recent reincarnation, these vintage versions are notoriously difficult to find in such good condition, and with their military cousins drawing serious attention across the board, they sneak quietly under the radar.  

Benrus 3021 Crosshair