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Breitling 815 Chronograph

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Product Details

Why We Love It

Why? It's a 38mm steel chronograph with a silver panda dial configuration and a bomber Valjoux movement. That should pretty much sum it up!

Kidding aside, this piece has a lovely clean dial featuring a Panda triple register layout and central chronograph sweep seconds hand, with perfectly patinated tritium luminescent elements on the dial and hands. And while some examples were produced in plated cases with gold 'panda' dials, the steel configurations are rarer and considerably more desirable.

Powered by the Valjoux 7736, the 815 shares quality internals with numerous other brands of the era, such as some of our favorite Heuer models. This particular example is a true survivor, with a crisp stainless steel case and an equally stunning dial. Don't miss it!

The Story

Few brands of vintage watches are as polarizing as Breitling. 

With varied designs and wildly complicated dial aesthetics, a vast majority of collectors simply don't know what to make of Breitling's chronographs. And when faced with the brand's more contemporary offerings, marketing initiatives, and certain je ne sais quoi, one could be forgiven for dismissing their vintage offerings entirely. But to do so would be to overlook some truly beautiful (and important) timepieces.  

From the 1950s to 1970s, Breitling manufactured a range of timepieces with excellent build quality and simpler design language than the more commonly thought of Navitimer/Cosmonatue series. Timepieces such as the SuperOcean, Premier, and Top Time collections, stand in stark contrast to their navigational aid brethren due to their sleek form-follows-function aesthetic and remind us why we shouldn't dismiss vintage Breilting as universally unwearable.


Breitling 815 Chronograph