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A model from G-SHOCK's most luxurious line, MR-G, with the theme of akazonae, or "red arms." Akazonae were unit formations outfitted entirely in red during Japan's Warring States period. It is said that the military commanders leading elite troops used this to show off the valor of their armies. Red has been a symbol of strength since ancient times, and is used throughout the bezel, the city code, and the dial of this model. Overlapping black and red, which are the G-SHOCK brand colors, represent an unparalleled strength that transcends time. This practical model is based on an MRG-B1000 equipped with the GPS hybrid radio solar system. Particular attention was also paid to every detail affecting strength and quality, as is reflected in the use of double-hardening processing, textured polishing, and an anti-reflective coating on the sapphire glass crystal. An MR-G with Japanese esthetics and technical capabilities thoroughly imbued with strength, beauty, and precision.