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Hamilton Pan-Europ 701

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Hamilton is an inseparable strand of the tapestry of American horological history.  

Incorporated in the late 1800s, Hamilton began producing quality pocket watches, many of which were used during the Western Expansion and the construction and operation of the trans-American railroad.  The Hamilton Railroad Pocket watch became the gold standard for conductors for decades.  

As the brand grew, it supported a growing America.  In 1917, it produced a smaller movement capable of being worn on the wrist, becoming the first American wristwatch and a popular tool for officers in the first world war.  

At the start of WWII, Hamilton halted it's consumer production and did its part to support the war effort, producing over a million timepieces of various designs and functions that found their way onto U.S. Navy vessels, U.S. Army vehicles and the wrists of countless service men and women.  

When the Vietnam War loomed, Hamilton again stepped up, producing the rugged General Issue wristwatch alongside Benrus.

In 1969, Hamilton's Project 99 produced the world's first automatic chronograph, changing horology forever.  

The Hamilton Pan-Europ 701, a little brother of the Pan-Europ Automatic Chronograph, is wonderful side note in the brand's rather impressive history.  Though produced in the 70s when Hamilton had been attained by Omega/Tissot holdings and production had been moved to Switzerland, the 701 recalls Hamilton's start with pocket watches: It is a simple, accurate and reliable watch designed for every day use with little flourish.

The particular piece, dating to the late 70s, bears the marks of time, literally.  An inscription on the Hamilton Pegasus case back reads: "Time with you is so precious, love Kathy 7-29-78."  In excellent original condition with original folded link bracelet with signed Hamilton clasp, this no-nonsense timekeeper is ready to dutifully serve its new owner for decades, no questions asked.  

Hamilton Pan-Europ 701