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Omega Gent's Watch

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At analog/shift, we believe that style is in execution, not accouterments; understatement versus overreach.

It is this definition of style that so often thrills us about vintage watches of the post-war era.  In the years following the Second World War, major Swiss manufactures were dusting themselves off and beginning to reposition themselves for a new global market, transitioning away from the fulfillment of defense contracts and back to designing and building elegant timepieces for general consumption and civilian use.  

But the war left it's mark.  

The precious metals and ornate Art Deco styling of the pre-war years gave way to simpler, more industrial executions that echoed the soldier's and pilot's watches that were built during the conflict.  The result was a gorgeous new expression that melded simple, industrial production with understated dial and hand designs.

This particular watch, hailing from the early 1950s, is a near doppelgänger of the mil-spec watches that Omega was producing during the war.  Simple and spartan, the matte dial and the angled lugs give this watch a sense of presence without making it seem fragile or dainty.  And while 'jumbo' 38mm cases were just beginning to be the rage, this watch, with it's 35mm figure is in-keeping with the war-time expectation of small, svelte pieces designed as practical tools.  

In a condition that shows lovely authentic aging, this Omega is a gem, a true survivor.  And with military-issue Omegas getting a lot of collector attention, this gent's piece is great way to get the feel of a wartime Omega without the price tag of one.  

Omega Gent's Watch