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Omega Genève Admiralty

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When you say "water-resistant Omega," you probably think "Seamaster." The Seamaster 300 springs to mind, or that behemoth, the PloProf, or any iteration of Seamaster Professional that's graced the wrist of James Bonds from Pierce Brosnan to Daniel Craig. You'd be forgiven for thinking that's all there is to Omega's  offerings, but there's another, lesser-known (but no less deserving of consideration) contender: the Genève Admiralty. 

Omega first began applying the moniker "Genève" to the dials of their dressier 30mm watches in 1953. This was in honor of the fact that it was the 30mm caliber that set records at the Geneva Observatory. By 1967 the name began to be applied to models like the Omega Dynamic that were produced at high volumes. These watches used the same, high quality movements as Omega's other lines, but were sold at a more competitive price point than Omega's other offerings. Targeted toward a younger clientele, the Omega Genève comprised more than 60% of Omega's sales by the time the brand ceased production in 1979. 

The Genève line embraced all models that Omega produced. There are Genève dress watches, even a Seamaster Genève. The Genève Admiralty was first produced in 1968. Known for the distinctive anchor on the dial, the Admiralty was first powered by the cal. 565 movement, which was also used in the Seamaster 300. 

Another notable feature of the Admiralty is the hour markers: riveted block markers with tritium dots that have gained a sweet even patina over timeThe center sweep hand is a vibrant orange, to match the anchor and hour hashes. All of this is housed in a case with a screwed-down case back and crown guards.

Omega even released the Genève Admiralty in a version with a rotating bezel and a reinforced crystal. These came on metal bracelets, making their aquatic heritage obvious. However, these Admiralty dive watches are pretty difficult to find, and even the non-dive version of the Admiralty is pretty damn rare. We're always stoked at a rare find, especially one as obscure as this is, and in excellent condition, to boot. Whether dressed-up on leather or strapped on a NATO, whether on the high seas or on the city streets, it's sure to impress.  

Omega Genève Admiralty