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Omega Genève Admiralty

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Omega first began applying "Genève" to the dials of their dressier 30mm watches in 1953. This was in honor of their Calibre 30mm that set records at the Geneva Observatory. By 1967 the name began to be applied to models throughout Omega's range, such as the Omega Dynamic, that were produced in large volumes.

These watches used the same, high quality movements as Omega's other lines. But they were sold at a more competitive price point than Omega's other offerings, targeting a younger clientele. By the time Omega ceased production of the Genève line in 1979, pieces in this collection comprised more than 60% of Omega's total sales. 

The Genève Admiralty series pictured here was first produced in 1968. Known for the distinctive anchor on the dial, date versions of the Admiralty were first powered by the Caliber 565 movement, which was also used in the Seamaster 300. This particular expression, Reference 165.038, is a no-date version and features a black dial and lacks the riveted block markers that adorn the white dial version. This gives it a sportier appearance more in keeping with Omega's military watches of the period, such as the "Fat Arrow." It's powered by the Calibre 552, also used in Seamaster and Railmaster models. 

Like the version with the white dial, the center sweep hand is a vibrant orange, matching the anchor and hour hashes. All of this is housed in a 36mm steel case with a screw down case back and pronounced crown guards.

For collectors, Admiralty models are as elusive as the Giant Squid. We're always stoked at a rare find, especially one in excellent condition to boot. Whether on the high seas or on the city streets, it's sure to impress!

Omega Genève Admiralty