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Omega Constellation

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Symbols of luxury and prestige, Constellation wrist-chronometers have been the standard-bearers of Omega’s luxury watchmaking since 1952.

On the dial: the name Constellation, highlighted by an applied gold star. On the case back: the famous medallion featuring the Observatory of Geneva crowned by a constellation of eight stars. These denote Omega's participation in precision trials, which it won in 1933 and 1936.

To celebrate the company’s centenary in 1948, Omega launched its first automatic wrist-chronometer: the well-named Centenary model. Produced in a limited edition, the Centenary was not intended for series production. However, the world greeted with watch with such delight that is was clear there was great demand for such a precious and exclusive piece of watchmaking.

The Constellation was developed in 1952, a true synthesis of the most advanced horological technologies. The chronometer status of each Constellation was certified by an official rating certificate with a special mention “for especially good results.” A 1962 advertisement boasted, “Each Omega Constellation holds the Swiss Government’s top degree for accuracy.”

Another source of pride for Omega is their close connection to the Olympic Games. The first appearance of a Constellation in the press featured the Olympic Cross of Merit, which Omega was the only company to receive. Omega continued to grow their sports image with advertisements exhibiting achievements like the “Mile of the Century,” in which for the first time in history two competitors, from different countries, both ran a mile in under four minutes. The race, taking place during the Commonwealth Games in 1955, was of course timed by Omega.

The Constellation saw many different dial and case designs over its run. This model shown here bears a distinctive "pie pan" dial, so-called because of its resemblance to a pie pan. Its hour markers and hands were also distinctive: diamond-shaped markers and sharp sword hands that would characterize the model from its earliest inceptions.

This particular model is a reference number 14393/3 SC. In the reference number, the first five digits denote the Omega-specific case reference number, while /3 denotes a model variant (although some people mistakenly believe it shows year produced). Finally, the two final letters are used to denote specific case-back types to allow them to be matched up correctly with the correct movements. In this case “SC” stands for “Seconde Centre” (center seconds).

With a distinctive style that effortlessly combines a mid-century aesthetic with the precision that Omega stands for, the Constellation is the perfect fit for a collector who desires a chronometer with a strong history of horological excellence and tons of flair. 

Omega Constellation