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Omega Flightmaster

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Product Details

Not every man wants a dainty triple calendar or a svelte gold case with fluted lugs.  Some men want a watch with more steel than an episode of Airwolf.  

Omega has produced some lovely timepieces.  They've manufactures some brilliant chronographs that have made horological history.  But they also made some watches, like the Omega Flightmaster, that were designed with pure functionality in mind.  While some might be turned off by the hulking 42.5mm tonneau case, we like it.  It reminds us of heroes of the 1970s: short of talk and strong on witty one liners and high-caliber handguns.  Think Clint Eastwood or Charles Bronson.  

This particular Flightmaster is ready for the wrist, coming complete with its original 1162 bracelet with all it's links.  The case all there - it hasn't been over-polished like so many Flightmasters have been.  With a few light scuffs, the case even feels like a proper tool watch capable of withstanding whatever you throw at it.  The dial is in great original condition, with nice light patina throughout and only very minor discoloration to the luminous material.  

Lastly, and certainly not least(ly?), this Flightmaster is driven by the sturdy Calibre 911 movement, the second generation Flightmaster movement featuring 30-minute, 12-hour and running seconds subdials, and a full-sized chronograph sweep hand.    

If it's a baller tool watch with a great history you're looking for, you've found it. 

History of the Flightmaster:

The Flightmaster line was introduced in 1969, and was the first Omega with a movement (Reference c.910) designed with the timing needs of pilots in mind. The first version of the watch replaced the running seconds sub-register typically found at 9 o’clock in chronographs with a AM/PM indicator, letting the globe-hopping pilot track the time of day in his home city. Omega also added a rocket-shaped blue GMT hand for tracing the time in two separate time zones. The wearer was also given two methods of timing events: a 12-hour chronograph, as well as a 60-minute inner elapsed-time rotating bezel. That’s a hell of a lot of features in one watch!

A few years into production, Omega updated the movement (Reference c.911) by replacing the AM/PM indicator with a running seconds hand, which is useful on a hand-wound watch since it let's you easily tell at a glance if it is wound and running.

To do away with any confusion as to the Flightmaster’s purpose, Omega engraved a DC-8 into the caseback. If you’re looking for a true pilot’s tool watch, the Flightmaser is as cool as it gets.

Lots of information on this awesome timepiece can be found HERE on Chronomaddox.

Omega Flightmaster