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Omega Flightmaster

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Product Details

This is Omega’s Real Deal Holyfield pilot’s watch.  Take a Speedmaster, add some more functionality, a dash of color and an avant-garde case, and a Flightmaster is born.

The Flightmaster line was introduced in 1969, and was the first Omega with a movement (Reference c.910) designed with the timing needs of pilots in mind. The first version of the watch replaced the running seconds sub-register typically found at 9 o’clock in chronographs with a AM/PM indicator, letting the globe-hopping pilot track the time of day in his home city. Omega also added a rocket-shaped blue GMT hand for tracing the time in two separate time zones. The wearer was also given two methods of timing events: a 12-hour chronograph, as well as a 60-minute inner elapsed time bezel. That’s a hell of a lot of features in one watch!

A few years into production, Omega updated the movement (Reference c.911) by replacing the AM/PM indicator with a running seconds hand, which is useful on a hand-wound watch since it let's you easily tell at a glance if it is wound and running. This example of Flightmaster features the c.911 movement, as well as an incredibly beautiful aged dial. The chocolate tropical sub-registers and patina to the tritium hour markers give this watch a wonderful vintage look and exudes an aura of adventure. We can just imagine this watch strapped to the wrist of a Pan-Am pilot visiting exotic cities during the golden age of jet travel.

A substantial and chunky piece, the Flightmaster actually wears very comfortably on the wrist due to its hidden lugs and heavily tapered case. The case shape definitely has a funky vintage vibe, but that pairs perfectly with the colorfully accented dial and color-coded crowns.

If you’re looking for a true pilot’s tool watch, the Flightmaser is as cool as it gets.

Lots of information on this awesome timepiece can be found HERE on Chronomaddox.

Omega Flightmaster