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Omega Gent's Watch

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Product Details

Why We Love It

In the watchmaking industry, anything beyond telling the time is considered a complication. Making a complicated watch requires skill and finesse, and many manufactures pride themselves on their mastery of the craft. But sometimes, all you need is just two hands… or three.

For those moments, there’s this watch: an Omega gents watch Reference 2750-8. If you were to ask us to single out our favorite element, we wouldn’t be able to choose. The honeycomb dial, the pink gold dart indices, the elegant symmetry of the Calibre 266 movement, and the perfect proportions of the 36mm steel case all go together to create a perfect watch.

Could you ask for anything more? 

The Story

In the Second World War, the British Ministry of Defense saw the need for their armed forces to have durable timepieces that could withstand the rigors of combat while keeping accurate time. The "Watch Wristlet Waterproof," one of the Dirty Dozen produced by twelve watch manufacturers for general issue from 1945 to 1948, combined a spartan exterior with a robust, no-frills movement. Omega’s contribution was powered by the Calibre 30T2, an extremely dependable and reliable movement that would remain in production until the 1960s and play a great role in Omega's post-war success and reputation.

After the war, Omega would go on to adapt the 30T2 in a series of hand-wound movements that were just as elegant and robust as their predecessor.

As Europe entered into the post-WW2 recovery period, the Swiss watch industry resumed production of fine timepieces after years of fulfilling defense contracts. In keeping with the austere designs of the military watches of the 1940s, the clean lines and ornamentation of the Art Deco style faded away to a more utilitarian aesthetic inspired by military timepieces. This resulted in beautifully clean and understated watches to suit the tastes of returning G.I.’s.

Omega Gent's Watch