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Omega Cosmic Moonphase

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Product Details

There’s so much to love in this watch, it’s hard to know where to start.

The Cosmic Moonphase was one of Omega’s premier models around the middle of 20th Century. During the booming post-war years, elegent, understated dress watches were all all the rage, and Omega was a master of the genre. Pre-war, Art Deco styled watches were the norm, but the military watches produced for European armies during WWII changed the tastes of men worldwide, and watches like the Cosmic came into fashion.

The first thing we love about this watch is the size of the case. Sure, we wear 34mm and 36mm watches all the time, but we won’t deny our love for oversized vintage pieces. With a case just shy of 38mm, the Cosmic makes its presence known on the wrist, and it’s the perfect size for a contemporary dress watch.

50 years ago, triple calendars were about the coolest wristwatch complication available. Nearly every noteworthy brand made them, from Patek Philippe to Rolex to Tissot, but few matched the beauty of Omega's Cosmic, at least few that sell for less than six-figures at auction today. The Cosmic’s dial feautures a classic triple calendar layout, with the day of the week and month below 12 o’clock, moonphase at 6 o’clock and date around the perimeter of the dial.  

This particular example was originally sold in Brazil, where Omega held the status as one of the premier luxury watch brands during the 1950s. How do we know it hails from Brazil? The day display features a unique Portuguese “Church Latin” calendar system, with the days reading as 2aF, 3aF, 4aF, 5aF, 6aF, SAB, DOM.

The watch is in excellent condition for its age, better than most that have survived. The dial shows an incredible patina from age, yet all of the printing is in intact and legible. Its pink gold plated case, much more unusual than yellow, is likewise in excellent condition.

We should say that if you’re looking for a dress watch, this is an incredible option, but in all honesty we’re quite happy keeping this beauty around for our own enjoyment.

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Omega Cosmic Moonphase