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Omega Railmaster - 1963

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Product Details

The Omega Railmaster may just be the coolest watch from a major manufacture that you've never heard of.  Designed as an anti-magnetic tool watch from engineers, it is very much the Omega counterpart to much more commonly known Rolex Milgauss or IWC Ingenieur.  Originally released in 1957, the Railmaster initially featured a manually winding movement, but later moved into automatics.  The example we have featured here is an early example from 1963, featuring the Calibre 286 manual winding unit.

Although we typically stray from "overhauled" vintage watches, a pass can be given to those with restorations performed (sympathetically) by their original manufacturer.  Such is the case with this piece, which after receiving some nasty water damage at some point in the past, was treated to a full restoration to the internals by Omega itself.  The prior owner of this piece was careful to specify that all original parts that could be kept should be kept, as is outlined on the documentation that will go along with the sale of this piece.  The original case and bracelet remained completely untouched, while a complete servicing of the movement and restoration of the dial and hands was performed.  The dial itself is actually the original - as it was deemed salvageable by the watchmaker.  Minor touch ups were needed, but it is intact - which in itself is pretty cool! All luminescent elements were refinished with modern Superluminova.

Railmasters have a small but committed following from enthusiastic collectors, and it isn't often that we're able to pry one away long enough to offer it up for sale, but we were able to do so here!  This beautiful piece is the horological equivalent of having your vintage Bimmer serviced by BMW Mobile Tradition - a thoughtful nod to the past with modern components and craftmanship, wrapped up in an original package.  Truly, an excellent opportunity to obtain a rare and delightful vintage Omega!

For more information on the Railmaster, check out "The Third Master Explained" HERE, on Hodinkee.

Omega Railmaster - 1963