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Omega Dress Watch

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Watches with textured dials are without a doubt some of the most visually-arresting examples available on the watch market today. From the days of Abraham Louis Breguet, an engine-turned dial represented that the craftsman who fashioned it was at the height of his skills. Even in this age of mass machinery, when watch components—dials included—are designed on computers and then cut out by CNC machines, a textured dial is a sign that the manufacturer chooses to preserve the old ways. 

Additionally, a textured dial (holdover from the days of hand-machining) gives a watch an extra touch of class that’s undeniably attractive; also, given how difficult it is to refinish a textured dial, it can often be a mark of a dial’s authenticity.

Though Omega is perhaps best-known for its sporty Speedmaster or Seamaster lines, the brand also released over the decades—quietly and without much fanfare—dress watches with textured dials distinctive enough to catch the eye of any purist.

This watch is a member of the Reference 2639 family, which saw as many as 16 different expressions throughout its relatively short production run. Simple in design, and true workhorse, the Reference 2639 lent itself well to a bevy of interpretations, many of which bore interesting dial and hand variations. This watch, hailing from the 7th variation of the 2639, is distinguished by its gorgeous cream-colored micro-tapisserie dial with applied Arabic numerals and lance/diamond hour markers - a stunning combination.

Internally, the watch is powered by the reliable Calibre 265, which is based upon the redoubtable Caliber 30T2 and is one of Omega's most desirable movements of the postwar period. 

The Omega Reference 2639-7 is an elegant piece of horological history that resonates with a perfect understated style that suits the thoughtful, fashionable gentleman of today just as well as it did in the 1950s.

Omega Dress Watch