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Omega Seamaster 300

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Product Details

Why We Love It

Collectors of vintage watches know how rare it is for a watch to have accompanying documentation, which is what makes this Seamaster 300 so special.

Even on its own, the watch is something special, with a Naiad crown and a gorgeous Bakelite bezel. The dial shows beautiful patina, and the case and crystal show signs of honest wear. It comes with a 1039/516 flat link extension bracelet, a feature which so often gets lost as a watch changes hands over the years; the same applies for the inner and outer boxes, which can often be discarded.

Fortunately this is a watch that was well taken-care of, which we know thanks to the paperwork that comes with it. We know that it was sold in January 1970 by a dealer named Perry Graves. And this Perry Graves was thorough, filling out the entire guarantee and warranty certificate; moreover, service receipts tell a story of a watch that was loved and cherished, as it deserves to be. 

The Story

In the mid-1960s Omega released the second generation of Seamaster 300—the 165.024.

With the Reference 165.024, Omega made changes that truly brought home the fact that this was an entirely new watch than its predecessor. The dial took on a new look, with thicker hour markers than the thin, elongated triangles that typified the first Seamaster, the Reference CK2913. The hands were changed as well: because the broad arrow hands of the previous versions proved hard to read underwater, Omega switched to sword or plongeur hands.

But the most salient feature of this new reference of Seamaster was the case. At 41mm, it was larger than the CK2913’s. Moreover, the silhouette changed completely. Instead of straight lugs, the Reference 165.024 featured an asymmetrical case with faceted lugs. The bezel of the Reference 165.024 was enlarged, and was available in several different variations, all of these featured luminescent material layered inside acrylic.

Omega Seamaster 300