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Omega Seamaster Cosmic

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One of the thrills of being a collector is finding something you've never seen before, that wistful feeling of having stumbled upon something remarkable, not for its patina or its special markings, but remarkable because you've just never seen it before.    

The Omega Seamster line is one of the most diverse lines in watches.  Ranging from simple, svelte dress pieces to chunky divers, the name Seamster has come to mean many things to many people.  But despite being so wide-ranging, it's not often that see the rarer expressions of line in the metal - the Omega Seamaster Cosmic 2000 is just one of those remarkable and rarely glimpsed Seamasters. 

Minted in 1972, the Cosmic 2000 series was hallmarked by two innovative watchmaking gestures.  The first was the use of a system of large gaskets that ensured a water-tightness to 60 meters, a feature that many of the non-diving Seamaster watches lacked.  The second was the unusual case design; the cosmic employed an inner 'container' which held the movement and mineral crystal which was then fitted into a synthetic sleeve which married with the top-case portion.  This modular case design proved apt at keeping the movement safe from grit and moisture, even at depth.  

While many case designs from the 1970s can wear thick on the wrist or feel undesirably large, the Cosmic 2000 sets itself apart with a gently curved 38.5mm steel case that does more to hug the wrist than stand on it, and at roughly 43mm from lug top lug, the watch seats itself squarely and comfortably on the modern wrist. 

Of course, the function of a watch is half the battle and Omega spared no expense and filled their unique case with a Calibre 1022 Day-Date automatic movement with quickset functions, offering the wearer all the utility one could ask for from a daily wearer.

We often connect with our watches and sometimes even have a hard time letting them go out the door, but every once in a while we downright regret it.  I have a feeling this one will be haunting us for a while...


Omega Seamaster Cosmic