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Omega Seamaster DeVille

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Throughout history, individuals in cinema — characters, and the actors themselves — have defined generations of men's style and attitude.  For some it was Bogart, others, Sinatra. We all search for the same careless cool of James Dean, Steve McQueen and Redford. Today, whether we like it or not, a new style has swept over us: the collected, reserved and never-out-of-place Donald Draper. 

Though Draper's style evolved slightly throughout Mad Men's seven seasons, he remained steadfast in his core hallmark: the man in the grey flannel suit. In essence, Draper's is a timeless kind of matter-of-fact dress that eschews 'look at me' in favor of 'hey you.'

But Draper's look is only completed by accents; a white pocket square, impeccably shined shoes and, naturally, an elegant timepiece. Draper dons (see what we did there) a number of timepieces, but the one that's often attributed to him is his Omega Seamaster De Ville.

While Draper's De Ville is a black cross-hair dial variation, often seen on a black strap, it is part of Omega's most honored designs in the Seamaster collection; a slim 34mm steel case with straight lugs, a non-luminous dial and handset and, naturally, Omega's quickset date function (pulling out the crown advances the date wheel one position). 

In fact, we might go so far as to say that Draper's black dial is limiting, almost too dressy. Sartorially speaking, we prefer the cleanliness of the white and silver dial variants, like this one, especially when delivered on Omega's beads of rice bracelet. It's Italian Riviera meets Madison Avenue.  

Just the way we like it. 

Omega Seamaster DeVille