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Omega Seamaster

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"Man has climbed Mount Everest, gone to the bottom of the ocean. He's fired rockets at the Moon, split the atom, achieved miracles in every field of human endeavor...except crime."

The words of Auric Goldfinger ring in our ears when we gaze at this stunning late-1960s Omega Seamaster, and while we generally believe in staying in favor with the boys in blue, there is something about this watch that makes us consider going all Capone... 

By now you've heard of the Omega Seamaster and you know that it is likely one of the most diverse watch lines in horological history, incorporating just about style of watch you can imagine - chunky tool watches, Bond-grade divers and svelte, even graceful dress pieces.  But with all these watches bearing the Seamaster moniker, it can be hard to know where to look for right one, and even harder to find them a collectible condition.  

A cursory search for 'Omega Seasmaster' on eBay will show you that these watches can be had for anything from a few hundred dollars to a few thousand.  But as with all things watches, the devil is in the details.  Because of their ubiquity, Seamasters are notoriously easy to build (read: Frankenstein) and it's becoming increasingly difficult to find them in unmolested condition. 

This particular piece comes to us from a sort of a time capsule; purchased some 20 years ago, this Seamaster has waited patiently in a drawer for a new owner, seeing almost no wrist time since it was acquired.  In absolutely stunning condition, this is one is worthy of a serious second look.  The 14K Yellow Rolled Gold case bears only the slightest marks from wear.  The dial is extremely clean, the hands pristine, the gold date wheel crisp and clean.  

So whether you're on the hunt for a gorgeous dress piece or you're an international crime boss concocting your own version of Operation Grand Slam, we know this one will make you feel like you've got the midas touch.  

Omega Seamaster