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Omega Seamaster Professional 'Goldeneye'

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Product Details

Why We Love It

"For England, James?"

"For England, Alec." 

James Bond has worn many different watches in film and literature, ranging from Hamilton, Seiko, Gruen, and Rolex. But for the modern generation, Omega has been the Bond watch. For Pierce Brosnan's debut as James Bond in Goldeneye, he wore a blue Seamaster Professional.

Seeing as Goldeneye is a product of the mid-nineties, the example he wore was quartz. Fortunately for the watch nerds in the room, Omega also made this mechanical version - featuring the iconic blue wave pattern on the dial that characterized this generation of "Bond Seamasters" and perfectly patinated luminescent material.

While ours doesn't come equipped with any special modifications from Q-Branch, it does come with all the hallmarks of a luxurious yet rugged timepiece worthy of the world's favorite secret agent.  

Whether you drink your Martinis shaken or stirred, this is an essential watch for any Bond enthusiast. 

...Walther PPK not included.

The Story

Since the Seamaster’s launch in 1948, it has been the vibrant, beating heart of Omega's collection.

The key to its longevity, in part, lies in its adaptability. It comes in dive watch models, which were worn by professional divers (and James Bond), or dress models favored by the likes of Mad Men’s Don Draper.

Omega released the first Seamaster in 1948 to coincide with the Summer Olympics held in London. In a city ravaged by the Blitz, the Olympics represented a time to look forward while still being respectful of the past. For Omega, whose 40th Anniversary was also that year, the manufacture’s role as Official Timekeeper represented the ideal opportunity to launch a new collection.

Advertising material of the time touted the “ruggedness” of the Seamaster, more than the average wearer would ever likely call for in its life… which would prove all the more important with the 1957 launch of the Seamaster 300 diver’s model.

Today, the Omega Seamaster is a collection of timepieces as varied as the people who wear them – including dress and sport models in a variety of case sizes and materials with any number of dial layouts and designs.

It is without question an important historical model and a delight to wear in any of its variations.

Omega Seamaster Professional 'Goldeneye'