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Omega Speedmaster

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On December 15th, 2015, Christie's Watch Department held the first thematic auction in the department's history.  The focus?  The Omega Speedmaster.  

Limited to 50 lots (a nod to the 50th anniversary of Ed White's historic EVA and the 50 years since the Speedmaster was officially flight-qualified for all NASA missions), the auction set numerous world records in a matter of hours.  

In the year since the Speedmaster 50 sale, interest in the Omega's iconic watch has been re-ignited, with collectors and enthusiasts clamoring for the rarest and most pristine examples.  For many, finding the earliest examples and serials is the focus.  For others, condition and accompanying documentation, booklets, etc., is prized.  But for a sliver of the collecting community, the interest lies in the transitional models that appeared in the Speedmaster line from its inception in the late 1950s.  

One of the rarest of these transitional Speedmaster models is the 105.002-62.  Produced my Omega for only two years (roughly), it is estimated that only 2,200 to 2,600 examples were ever created.  And with over four decades separating us from the watch's birth, there is no telling just how many have survived.  

But in addition to being exceedingly rare, the 105.002-62 is incredibly important to evolution of the Speedmaster.  Coming on the heels of the 2998 series, the 105.002 marks the start of Omega's then-new coding system known as Mapics.  The system was designed to denote each model's specific characteristics - the first number corresponded to Omega's men's or women's lines, the second the type of movement and so on - and remains today.  Additionally, the later models of the 105.002 were the first to feature the baton hand design, a feature that would become a hallmark of the iconic Moon Watch.  

This particular 105.002, fitted with a calibre .321 (Movement hails from the leading edge of the model's production run which featured Alpha hour and minute hands and a drop-weight chrono seconds hand - a configuration more commonly associated with the latter 2998 models - a stunning combination. 

We at Analog/Shift are extremely fortunate to encounter rare timepieces on a regular basis, and for virtually every member of our team, donning them brings a child-like excitement.  But watches this rare make us downright speechless.   

Omega Speedmaster