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Omega Speedmaster 2998-3

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The Omega Speedmaster is the most important wristwatch ever made.

This bold opinion, as subjective as it might be, is one we hear echoed regularly at our collector gatherings, in forums and panels, and in print. The reasoning behind it is pretty simple really, and something we can hardly argue with: The Omega Speedmaster was the first watch on the Moon.  The fucking Moon.

Although we live in the age of instantaneous global communication, rapid transit, the world wide web, and Spanx, we are still in a state of awe when considering the conquest of space achieved by our grandparents, and a sincere state of depression that we have not continued their legacy. Setting foot on a heavenly body is perhaps man's single greatest achievement, and the men and machines that made it happen are nothing short of legendary.

The Omega Speedmaster is of course our favorite machine of the era, and is without question a horological icon. With perfect form-follows-function looks and a brilliantly designed professional-grade mechanical chronograph movement, the Speedmaster would stand with the best watches ever made on its own merits alone. But its key involvement in the Space Program's golden era clearly puts it on an entirely different level altogether.

While the later Speedmaster Professional models are perhaps better known (indeed, variants are still being made today!), the Pre-Professional models, starting with the very first Reference 2915 in 1957, are the most collectable. Truly rare, early straight-lug models without crown guards occupy the hearts and minds of serious enthusiasts with a growing fervor. There is no question that the Speedmaster market is really heating up (due in no small part to the nearing 50th Anniversary of the Moon Landing in 2019), and strong early examples are becoming harder and harder to locate.

This particular execution, a Reference 2998-3 from circa 1960, is distinguishable from other models with its characteristic large Alpha hour and minute hands as well as smaller white Alpha-style hands used for the subsidiary register counters. In entirely original condition with only two owners since new, this 2998 is one of the most honest examples we've come across, without relumed hands or a refinished case. Its case back is in excellent condition with a legible Hippocampus logo. It also bears a really cool engraving of the original owner's name (M.E. Morgan), and it comes fitted with its original barrel pushers, crown, and a genuine Hesalite crystal. The original Base 500 "DO90" bezel shows a bit of wear, particularly noticeable on the left side (a common wear area), but we have opted to leave it alone for originality's sake. Mechanically, the Calibre .321 column wheel movement has just been treated to a full overhaul by our friends at Central Watch, and will come with an 18-Month warranty.

Due to the overwhelming demand for Pre-Moon Speedmasters, we have opted to list this beautiful example for a few days in order to field inquiries and offers fairly. If you'd like to catch an honest and beautiful example of one of the most desirable Reference 2998 executions, don't hesitate to drop us a line! 

Omega Speedmaster 2998-3