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Omega Speedmaster "Ed White"

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There are Speedmasters, there are Speedmasters, and then there are Speedmasters.  

In all its iterations, the Omega Speedmaster Professional is one of the finest and most important timepieces of all time. It was the first timepiece to be qualified for manned space flight missions by NASA. The Calibre .321 column wheel chronograph movement is one of the finest manual-winding movements ever manufactured. Further, the Omega Speedmaster Professional carries the distinction of being the first watch worn on the moon, earning it qualification beyond reproach for every terrestrial use you could conceive. Since the Eagle landed, the Speedmaster Professional has remained virtually unchanged in appearance to this day, making it a timekeeping icon in every sense of the word and one of the most sought-after timepieces by collectors worldwide--perhaps in the universe.

But what came before that Professional model? How did Omega develop this iconic watch, and how did it become the timepiece that we know and love? Well, this watch answers those all questions. 

Omega initially released the Speedmaster in 1957. The model underwent a number of modifications and improvements in its first decade of production, eventually earning its place in the history books and hearts of passionate horologists and NASA nerds. A variety of cases, dials, hands, and bezels graced these early limited production models, making them highly collectable artifacts for serious Speedmaster collectors today.

One of the most desirable variants is the Reference 105.003. Astronaut Ed White wore one during his first EVA, or extra-vehicular activity, on June 3, 1965: the very first spacewalk ever undertaken by an American astronaut. This early "Pre-Professional" Speedmaster now fondly bears his name among collectors. This model has a slimmer profile than its progeny, with straight lugs and no crown guards. The pie-pan dial with applied Omega logo is an elegant touch, reminiscent of the dial on the Constellation, and the hands are baton rather than the dauphine hands used in the previous references. 

The importance of early Speedmasters on the collector market cannot be understated. Although models such as the 105.003 command significantly higher values than their 145.012/145.022 descendants, in our opinion they still remain a tremendous value. This watch has been witness to an age most of us only dream about, a heritage which you almost hesitate to put a price to, because to the lovers of this reference, it is priceless.

This watch bears a handsome, lightly-speckled dial which has gained an awesome patina over time. The case is honest, with a signed crown and the distinctive Speedmaster hippocampus case back, showing signs of loving use and an impressive history. With a very recent full mechanical overhaul, this stunning and important timepiece is a 'GO' for many more years of exploration.  

Omega Speedmaster "Ed White"