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Omega Speedmaster Mark II

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The Speedmaster Professional is perhaps the most distinctive chronograph in all of horology, recognizable at a glance. This is due in part to a sound design language that has remained relatively unchanged since the 1950s. So when Omega decided to expand the Speedmaster line, they couldn't have made a more distinctive (and some say divisive) choice.

The years following the legendary Apollo mission saw the release of an expanded line of Speedmaster variants, known commonly as the "Mark" Series. Some of these watches were real flops on the market, and others weren't. Regardless of their initial popularity, all are interesting timepieces and have a collector following today.

Of these Mark Series Speedmasters, the one we get asked about most frequently is the first successor to the original Professional: the Mark II.

With the Mark II Speedmasters, Omega departed radically from the traditional Speedmaster case. Instead of an exposed lug design, Omega designed the Mk II with a tonneau shape with hidden lugs. What results is a watch with a great, distinctive profile and a very 1970s look that is quite popular with enthusiasts today.

A total of three variants of the Mark II were produced by Omega, beginning in 1969. The first resembles the "Moon Watch" but for the case, with a simple black dial layout; and the second featured a grey "Racing Dial" with a colorful outer track. The third, and perhaps rarest of all, is a gold-plated version featuring a gold tone dial and burgundy tachymétre ring.

The Mark II is drenched in a decidedly '70s design language, and this one with a gold-plated case is no exception. Desirable due to its rarity, it's also unusual to find one in as good condition as this. The oversize profile of the tonneau case was prone to damage and dings, the bevels easily worn away by careless over-polishing. Additionally, the process by which Omega clad the pieces in gold was by a process known as electro-plating, in which a base metal (in this case steel) is coated with a plating solution using electric currents. Unfortunately many of these early electroplated pieces Omega produced didn't hold up particularly well, meaning that the majority of those found on the market have seen better days.

But not so this one. The NOS case shows only light wear, mercifully free from the scars of daily use. It's perhaps one of the finest examples of these chronographs we've had the pleasure to find, and we're sure you'll feel the same. 

Omega Speedmaster Mark II