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Omega Speedmaster Professional

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Product Details

There are Speedmasters, and then there are Speedmasters. This is one of the latter!

If you're eyeballing this piece you probably already know that the Omega Speedmaster Professional chronograph is one of the finest and most important timepieces of all time. You already know that it was the first timepiece to be qualified for manned space flight missions by NASA. You already know that it was the first watch worn on the moon - earning it qualification beyond reproach for every terrestrial use you could think of. And you know that since the Eagle landed the Speedmaster Professional has remained virtually unchanged in appearance to this day, making it a timekeeping icon in every sense of the word, and one of the most sought-after timepieces by collectors world wide.

In our mind, the Reference 145.022-69 represents a tremendous value in vintage Speedmasters. One of the earliest Caliber .861 Speedmasters, this execution features a stepped dial and a pre-moon case back, giving this reference all of the best features of earlier, and much more expensive, Caliber .321 references. Furthermore, the first successful lunar landing of the Apollo 11 mission took place in 1969, kicking off the Summer Of Love, and of course making the Speedmasters produced that year intensely desirable!

This particular piece stands out from the crowd with its strong, honest case, original hands, and a beautiful "Dot Over 90" bezel, as well as its intensely desirable Ref. 1039 bracelet with elasticized expansion links. Atypically, the dial has developed a deep tropical patination often found in watches from the Banana Belt. Absolutely mouth-watering, its even brown coloration makes for a tremendous statement on the wrist, and instantly sets it apart from the pack.

There is no question that this piece definitely has "The Right Stuff", and with Speedy-mania just beginning to get underway, we don't expect it to last long!


Omega Speedmaster Professional