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Omega Speedmaster Professional - 1993

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Our love of Speedmasters is pretty apparent we'd say - with lengthy descriptions and stories recounting the tales of the original rocket men and their magnificent machines regularly gracing these electronic pages.

While we are generally describing Speedies from the Apollo era, we absolutely have an appreciation for their modern counterparts and maintain that buying a brand new model is far from the worst way to spend your hard-earned money!  Indeed, we have steered many a friend in the direction of a contemporary Speedy when the situation calls for it - and let's face it, there are occasions in which wearing something newer and capable of taking a bit of a beating is desirable.  Hell, even NASA thinks so....

Our preferences generally run to the old and the aged, but when the situation calls for something a little tougher, a little more solid, or just something a little shinier, a contemporary Speedy is at the top of our short list.  After all, they have barely changed the damned thing in fifty years!  Sure, they are now fitted on a bracelet that is made of something more substantial than dreams and bailing wire and inside fancy packaging.  But inside, the heart of their Apollo-era ancestors still beats strong, utilizing a mechanical movement derivative of the Calibre .861 introduced in 1968.

This particular model, a Reference 3590.50 (a re-categorization of the venerable 145.022), is generally recognized as the last "vintage styled" contemporary Speedmaster, and hails from the early 1990s. Featuring the same great dial and case configuration we all know and love, this piece is one of the last to feature Tritium lume, which was replaced with SuperLuminova only a few years later. Unlike SuperLuminova, Tritium ages and patinates beautifully over time, giving these models the same warm vintage appearance as their older siblings. 

Constantly in demand, 3590.50s make a great modern counterpart to a vintage Speedmaster collection!

Omega Speedmaster Professional - 1993