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Omega Speedmaster Professional

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In collecting, there's an indelible desire to connect, through objects, both to the past and the present; those who seek out vintage objects act as custodians of the past for future generations, not just for themselves.

Watch collectors especially understand the deep significance of collecting and preserving these horological artifacts when humanity has entered a Digital Age. 

The timelessness of the Speedmaster lends itself to collecting. Most collectors own a "Speedy," with preference for particular references and sub-references. Purists will proclaim the Caliber .321-powered Reference 105.003-64 (worn by Ed White as he took the first spacewalk ever achieved by an American astronaut) or the Reference 145.012 (the same reference worn by Buzz Aldrin on the lunar surface) as the Speedmasters to own.

While the earlier References of Speedmaster--including those worn by the astronauts--contained the Caliber .321 movement, first designed by Albert Piguet in the 1940s, the Reference 145.022 was the first to contain the Caliber .861.  And while die hards will scoff at Omega's cam-actuated successor to the fabled .321, there really is something to be said for the popular appeal of .861-driven 145.022s of the era.

It's widely known that Omega moved to the .861 because was easier and more cost-effective to produce, but in most respects, the .861 is also a better movement; the cam-actuation is more reliable than the column-wheel design, less prone to failure and less time consuming to service.  These factors make .861 Speedmasters in keeping with the original ethos for what a tool watch should be, giving contemporary wearers a little more peace of mind and a little more room to wear the watch as intended. 

The Speedy that we have here is lovingly preserved, coming complete with inner and outer box, warranty card dated 1980, and instruction booklets. 

The result is an icon among icons, a chronograph with an impressive heritage that deserves to go with its wearer anywhere he or she sees fit, whether that's to frontiers unseen by humankind or to the pub on the corner for a pint. 

Omega Speedmaster Professional