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Omega Speedmaster Professional - 1976

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If you're looking at this, you already know that the Omega Speedmaster Professional is one hell of a timepiece. Arguably the most important chronographs ever made, Speedmasters set the bar for every purpose-built mechanical chronograph that followed, and for good reason. Originally designed as a chronograph for auto racing, NASA found that they meet the rigorous demands of spaceflight and subsequently certified them as the first timepieces Flight-Qualified for Manned Space Missions. The design of the Speedmaster Professional has remained virtually unchanged since its beginnings, a true testament to its functional and aesthetic perfection.

Excellent examples of Apollo-era Speedmasters are no longer a dime a dozen. The word is out, and desirability of these iconic chronographs is reaching critical mass. We've been searching all over to locate the best examples on the market, and have turned up this awesome piece from 1976. Featuring an incredible even patina across the dial, hands, and bezel, it is without question a total looker, particularly on its original 1171 bracelet.

We have said it over and over - the Omega Speedmaster Professional might just be the most important watch ever made. If you haven't had the opportunity to snatch one up and see for yourself why we think that, here's your chance!

Omega Speedmaster Professional - 1976