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Omega Speedmaster Professional

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The Omega Speedmaster, with its storied history and connection to NASA, is often at the top of the list of chronographs that collectors simply "must" own. Certain collectors insist that the Apollo-era Speedmasters--such as the curved-lug Reference 145.012 worn by Buzz Aldrin as he walked on the Moon--are the ones to own. Still others favor the straight-lugged variants like the Reference 105.003-65, worn by astronaut Ed White, or the rare 2998-3 worn by Wally Schirra in Mercury-Atlas 8

But to fixate on these examples--as historically-significant and collectible as they are--is to ignore the long, rich history of the model, which continues to adorn the wrist of astronauts even today (or at least as recently as 2015).

There's something to be said for the popular appeal of the Reference 145.022. Produced from the late 1960s to the 1980s, the Reference 145.022 straddles the period between the pre- and post-Moon landing Speedmasters. Like the references that came before it, the Reference 145.022 represents a pivotal era in the development of the Speedmaster.

While the earlier References of Speedmaster contained the Caliber .321 movement, the Reference 145.022 was the first to contain the Caliber .861. Additionally, the sub-reference 145.022-69ST was the first to feature a case back that commemorated the 1969 Moon Landing, which still adorns the backs of Omega Speedmasters today. Also, the 145.022 retained the tritium that adorned the dials of previous iterations; it wasn’t until the introduction of the Reference 3570 in the mid 1990s that Omega started using the non-radioactive SuperLuminova.

This Speedy is a Reference 145.022 dating from the 1980s. With everything that we’ve already said about the collectibility of the reference, and of the continuity of its design, it should come as no surprise that we would offer one here. The trademark asymmetrical case is 41mm, but a vintage 41, more compact than the Speedmasters that followed it; the bracelet is an 1171, period-correct for the model.

Simply put, a Speedy looks like a Speedy, and at thirty-four years of age, it’s newly vintage, a perfect entry-level Speedy for the new collector.

Omega Speedmaster Professional