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Omega Speedmaster Professional

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Product Details

Why We Love It

It's arguable that the Omega Speedmaster is the most important watch ever built. Plucked from an array of watches available to the average guy, the Speedmaster stood up to the rigors of NASA testing, and the austerity of space. It wasn't specially designed.  It wasn't even designed for that use. But it was made so well, and operated so flawlessly, that it became the choice for every manned spaceflight since its induction. 

It's a tale anyone can connect with. 

And, with an impressive production run of nearly 30 years, the Reference 145.022 can appeal to veteran and beginner collectors alike.

The example that we offer here is a Reference 145.022-69ST. With its pre-Moon case back and tropical dial, it has looks enough to please even the most seasoned of Speedy collectors. Add to that a beautifully-ghosted Dot over 90 bezel and you have a Speedy with all the “right stuff.”

The Story

Despite the popularity of earlier Pre-Moon Speedmasters, there's something to be said for the collectibility of the Reference 145.022. First produced in 1968, the Reference 145.022 straddles the period between the pre- and post-Moon landing Speedmasters and is pivotal in the development of the Speedmaster. While the earlier References of Speedmaster contained the Caliber .321 movement, the Reference 145.022 was the first to contain the Caliber .861.

Additionally, the sub-reference 145.022-69ST was the first to feature a case back, released from 1969 to 1973, that commemorated the 1969 Moon Landing. 

However, some earlier examples produced in the beginning of this Reference's run have “pre-Moon" case back with the iconic hippocampus logo, maintaining the visual spirit of the Apollo-era Speedmasters that ventured to the stars.

Omega Speedmaster Professional