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Seiko 6117-6400 World Time - Black/Yellow Dial 1974

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While we do have a strong affection for timepiece complications (think chronograph, moon-phase, and minute repeater), it is one of the most rudimentary complications that proves to be the most practical for regular use - that of the GMT. 

A GMT watch offers the added functionality of a second timezone, and whether you're a pilot, jet-setting international playboy, or simply want to keep track of the time in another part of the country (or world!) for business reasons, the GMT proves to be a useful tool for any day of the year.  Traveling as much as we do (as well as needing to keep track of the time in Switzerland...and Vegas), you'll often find us with GMT watches strapped to our wrists.  If you were to ask our colleagues in the timepiece industry what they most often wear, you'd be surprised to hear how many will answer the same way.  They are quite simply the most practical watches for the world of international commerce...and they generally come with killer looks to boot.

A world timer function takes it one step up from a watch with just a second time zone, by pairing GMT functionality with the added element of rotating bezel listing international city names, taking all of the guesswork and mental calculation out of the equation - and ratcheting those killer looks up another notch!

World timer watches have been produced by a number of manufactures and brands, but one of our all-time favorites is the reference 6117 by Seiko.  These watches were produced in the late 1960s and early 1970s and bring together a great case design, robust Japanese-made movement and a stunning dial/bezel layout for a bargain price.  We recently had the fortune of coming into a trove of minty, all-original vintage Seikos from this time period, and snagged a few excellent examples of World Times such as this one.

As we've mentioned time and again, while vintage Seikos are tremendously cool and desirable timepieces, navigating the market in search of completely genuine examples is kind of like flying the Death Star trench.  It is filled with hazards, including aftermarket parts, shady sellers in faraway lands, and heavy fire from the tower cannons.  In other words, May The Force Be With You.  Or, you know, just let us do it for you...

This particular World Time was made circa 1974 and features a gorgeous charcoal dial with subtle linen texturing and a yellow 24 hour ring.  Found in all-original condition and having recently undergone a full mechanical service, this beauty is ready to go adventuring.  Or you could just sit in your office and know that it is happy hour in Rio with a only simple glance to your wrist.  Whatever.

Seiko 6117-6400 World Time - Black/Yellow Dial 1974