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Omega Chronostop Rose Gold

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Product Details

The Chronostop is an interesting side note in the history of Omega chronographs.  Manufactured in the late 1960s-1970s with a few different case orientations and movements, the Chronostop featured time (and in some cases, date) along with 60-second stopwatch, operated from the single pusher located above the crown.  This limited functionality enabled the wearer to time events only up to one minute in length, without any sort of tally register to count beyond. 

Although seemingly limited in their functionality, smaller-cased versions, such as the example seen here, were designed to be worn under the wrist, making them popular with drivers who used them for timing race laps and quarter-miles without having to take their hands off the wheel.  They also saw lots of use with medical professionals who used them for timing heart rate. 

The piece we are offering here is an exceedingly rare example in a rose gold case, featuring the manually-wound Omega Calibre 865 movement.  In completely original condition with a nicely patinated dial and hand set, this is a tremendously desirable and unique vintage Omega, so if you want it you'd best grab it before we change our minds!

A video explaining the history and operation of the Chronostop can be found HERE at Hodinkee.

Omega Chronostop Rose Gold