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Seiko 6159-7001

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The sun beats down on the bright blue sea. On the deck of a ship, there’s not much shelter from the punishing sunlight. A man in a wetsuit stands on the deck, eyes shielded from the sun, and squints out to sea.

Around him the crew bustles about, checking their gear. An air of anticipation whips around them, almost as sharp as the wind that buffets the waves. But the man standing alone on the deck is calm, purposeful, and ready.

He glances at the watch strapped on his left wrist above his wetsuit. It’s a new design from a company out in Japan. Although the case is bigger than the dive watches he’s worn before, and thicker, the weight of the chunky monocoque case on his wrist is a comfort to him, as is the smooth turning action of the bezel.

1040 hours—time to dive.

“All right, boys,” he says over his shoulder to the crew behind him, all suited up and as ready as he is. One small adjustment to his mask and he’s on the gunwales, back to the waves. And then he’s over, plunging beneath the waves into the silent world below.

The late 1960s were filled with stories like this one: with the advent of SCUBA diving, thousands of professional and amateur divers alike were taking to the sea.

And many of them wore watches like this one: a Seiko 6159-7001. Released in 1969, it was Seiko’s second attempt to create a dive watch that would meet the needs of both the amateur and the professional—not to mention military—diver. Its monocoque case design with a screw-down crown was one of a kind, designed to be watertight, eliminating any pressure points that could give way and allow water to penetrate its seal. It was rated for an impressive 300m of water resistance, double that of its predecessor, the 6215 series.

No corners were cut on the inside either, as Seiko fitted this model with their Caliber 6159A, a high beat movement originally designed for its crown-jewel Grand Seiko line.

Manufactured for only a short period of time in 1968 and 1969, the 6159-7001 is considered Seiko's first professional-grade diver and and remains a highly sought after model in their storied history.

Seiko 6159-7001