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Seiko 6309-7049 Dive Watch

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Product Details

Why We Love It

Divers like this 6309-7049 are what Seiko is all about. Rough, tough, and eminently reliable, the 6309 has adorned the wrists of professional and amateur divers alike. For the collector who wants a daily driver that can handle whatever punishment that comes its way, this is a turtle that’s hard to beat.

The 6309 came in several different variations, with unique case and dial configurations. What we offer here is a 6309-7049. Like its contemporary, the 6309-7040, the 6309-7049 boasts round hour makers interspersed with the “sword” indices at the Poles. All of this is housed in the famous turtle case that has become a byword for Seiko divers.

Recently serviced, this 6309-7049 is rough and ready to wear!

The Story

In 1976, Seiko released the Reference 6309. Like its predecessor, the 6105, the 6309 has a cushion case. However, the shape of the case was something entirely new for Seiko—a 42mm symmetrical design reminiscent of a turtle’s shell.

This shape has become nothing short of iconic for Seiko, and is still present in their collection today.

The dial on the Seiko 6309 is a masterpiece and, like several other dive watches, is a lesson in simplicity. The famous “sword” hour indices at the poles are complimented by circular lume dots throughout. Other improvements included a day function and a thicker bi-directional bezel with two rings of knurling versus one, making it easier to operate with gloves. 

Seiko 6309-7049 Dive Watch